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Recording military service stories of
Veterans and their spouses.


Too many US Veterans - and their families - sacrificed their time, sweat, and blood and often feel undervalued and forgotten.


We believe each individual who put on a military uniform committed to defending our country and willingly give their all. Additionally, each spouse who supported their military husband or wife sacrificed significantly as well. Each Veteran and spouse who made those sacrifices have stories to tell that are worth remembering and passing on to future generations.

Your story matters to us.


According to statistics provided by the Veterans Administration, we are losing over 1,700 Veterans daily. Each Veteran's story matters to their family - who often sacrificed living the military life alongside them - as well as to our nation. We're on a mission to help preserve and memorialize the stories of each Veteran and their spouse.

We understand what it's like to be part of that great military fraternity. Our Patriot Stories was started by Veterans and military families that have lived the sacrifice, loss, as well as pride that comes with military service.

Let us help you record your memories of your military service.  We'll provide the questions to help with the process, the only cost is your time, and all you need to do is relax and share your insights, stories, and experiences to be memorialized for posterity.

- Our Patriots Stories Team


Recording your experiences
can seem intimidating.
We make the whole process easy.


Sign up!
Click the "Record Your Story" button on this page and fill out the form with a few simple pieces of information.  All you need is your email address!


Sit & Record
You'll receive a custom link via email. You just need to sit in front of a computer with a camera or smartphone and the system will walk you through a series of simple questions about your military service and you share what you'd like.


Watch the Video!
Within 24 hours you'll be able to watch your personal video interview and share it with your family. It will become a cherished family treasure and a recorded piece of history!

5 Tips On A Recording
A Successful Home Video Interview

Not quite sure about recording a home video interview yet? That's totally natural.


Fill in your information below and receive some key insights about how to prepare for a great personal video interview and recording.

Thank your for your request! Please check your inbox as your document is on it's way!

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