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Our Veterans signed up to preserve our freedoms and protect our nation.

We know firsthand the sacrifices they’re called on to make. Their spouses sacrifice a great deal as well, often fighting battles at home while their service member fights abroad. These true patriots are the reason we serve.


The stories of these heroes should be recorded and shared so their sacrifices can be honored. In 2022 Our Patriot Stories was formed from a burning desire to do just that. It began with the purpose of helping Veterans share their stories and then quickly evolved to allow spouses to do the same. We seek to memorialize them for their selfless efforts through video recordings that can be cherished forever.


We consider it an honor and a privilege to work with America’s patriots and are grateful for partner programs and organizations who help us serve those who served us. We hope that families will cherish their Veteran and spouse recordings and celebrate their heritage as they carry these memories in their hearts.


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